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Koreagerman is my funny name.

Hix. Too lazy to start my plan on study English. I have to learn something for my Job on next week. So now I’m only able to teach my-self English gramma.
What is the start point? Hmm… How a difficult question! :D. Now, trying with some simpliest define and rules. Okie, that is:
S-V-C-M (O) structure.
S: Subject;
V: Verb;
C: Complement;
M: Modifier.
One sentence in English must have a Subject! (Maybe hide like that: “Don’t move!”. The listen one is Subject in this case!). Next, All sentences must have Verb(s), too. Not at all the sentence have Complement, and the Modifier is same.
Now, I’m studying Noun Phrase
But! Huhuhu, I am hungry now! *_*
Go home and see you later, hehehe.
Have fun! ^_^

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